There are over 36,000 private grantmaking
foundations currently operating in the United States.

Together they contribute over $10 Billion in grants each year.


Are you a first time grant seeker? Before you start asking for money, it would make sense to understand how the whole process works. This seminar "Show Me The Money" is the best source for practical information.

You can begin by reading and doing research.

Need more details? Try a proposal writing course.

Interested in more formal training? The Non Profit Business Development Center sponsors several classes and seminars in five western states and many other locations throughout the country.

Our offices are located in the in North Las Vegas.


Ready to locate and appeal to foundations? Many major foundations can be located and researched on the Internet. Some foundations have their own home pages , which may contain detailed information regarding their financial standing, funding priorities and application process.

If you are interested in pursuing local money, "Show Me The Money" seminars are for you! It's possible that your state or county has it's own foundation directory. These directories contain contact information, basic financial data and sample grants. "Show Me The Money" then help you plan and correctly write a financially sound grant proposal.


Interested in help from Uncle Sam? Several federal agencies offer direct assistance for various community projects. The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance is the most comprehensive directory or U.S. grant and loan programs. A printed version of the Catalog is available at many public libraries. Most major federal programs such as the National Endowment for the Humanities and National Science Foundation have their own homepages. "Show Me The Money" seminars breakdown and explain the governments' language in simple terms so that the terms for that proposal make sense.


Both the Non Profit Times and the Philanthropy News Digest are online, full text, searchable and free! These trade publications are excellent sources for practical tips, industry trends and statistics. "Show Me The Money" seminars help to locate proposals that correctly match your program and it's funding needs.

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