Resident Council Training

The creation and development of opportunities in education, training and empowerment activities in public and private residential environments enabling "at risk" people to develop long term self-sufficient strategies

  • To recognize the value of being an elected official and Resident Council Member
  • To train and develop self-sufficiency in Resident Councils
  • To recognize the empowering roles and responsibilities of a Resident Council
  • To form a Caring, Cohesive, County-wide Coalition
  • To advocate for one another in every neighborhood

  • Educational training sessions quarterly for existing Resident Councils
  • Organizational meetings 6 times a year mentoring new Resident Councils
  • Develop and publish a newsletter for Resident Councils
  • Establish a Speakers Bureau to talk with existing Resident Councils
  • Help to facilitate the organization of New Resident Councils
  • Develop resources for use by all resident councils
  • Encourage members to care for and about one another
  • Develop and maintain a website for Resident Councils to use in the constant need and exchange of information
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