The Remedial Reading Resource Center was established to help children in the primary grades with remedial reading needs. It is a fact that children who read will succeed in life. This center is based upon this Motto "IF YOU READ. . . YOU WILL SUCCEED!"

Adult mentor volunteers will be available to help children on a daily basis with reading homework and exercises. Additional snacks and small outings will be provided throughout the school year in collaboration with other youth organizations. Reading volunteers are from the Las Vegas Valley League of Women Voters and the Clark County Schoold District.

Hours will be posted. Books and magazines will be available daily to assist children in remedial reading and videos will be shown on Fridays (if all assignments have been accomplished for the week). Library trips and special monthly field trips will be scheduled (as funds permit).

Children who are on their best behavior will receive weekly magazines and books to keep as an award for their hard work. Children may attend the reading programs as often as they like. Completion certificates will be awarded on a monthly basis. Lesson plans will be designed for each child on an individual basis.

The Remedial Resource Center is soliciting the following help from you:

If you have spare time and believe that children who can read can succeed in life, WE NEED YOU!!! Whatever time you have to spend helping a child learn how to read is important! Volunteer!

Please call The Non Profit Business Development Center at (702) 649-8774 or with your name, phone number and the hours you can be available to help a child to read. Books donated will be picked up and a tax receipt given upon request.

Together WE can make a difference in the life of a child!