Effective adults recognize that they need to grow and develop. Companies are investing more and more into training for their employees. No position remains un-effected when you can not perform to the optimum in your job. Providing the ultimate in professional development, motivation and empowerment course is the newest venture available through the Non Profit Business Development Training Center

The corporate environment of today is faster paced than yesterday and will be even faster tomorrow. can you keep up? Can you change with the daily needs of family, friends, work and socially? Can you connect with your employer, your friends and family?


Often leadership begins with a single step! Each class or seminar is designed with your individual needs in mind. Pre and post tests assure that you will receive the emotional commitment and empowerment techniques needed to spur you on into the next level as a successful employee.




Entrepreneurial Programs

Are you dreaming of the day when you can go it alone? Try an empowerment class! Take a chance! Be your own boss! What else makes you feel so good and yet can help you be successful? A Corporate Operations Training Program! Designed and put on by a very professionally, talented, experienced group of trainers- this set of classes will lift you, motivate you, enable you to become the successful person that you are really capable of being!

12 Monthly Projects, 12 Workbooks, for $1200.00

Call for additional information. New classes are forming on a continuous basis.
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